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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, Happy Studio & Tea with Frankenthaler

***Dear 2012- You're going to have to bear with me, I'm just going to write. I am no longer going to spend hours thinking of what to say- when it hits me- it hits me. It will be raw & unedited but I have realized this is much better than not sharing at all.***

Today is my first day back in my studio since the new year began. Behind my closed shutters of the french doors that seclude me from the rest of Julia Street, I am an excited busy bee. The new year has always been the most important time of year for me and I could not be more happy to see that this new one has already got some major projects.

But first things first- I make a pot of tea- which is my treat to get me through the prioritized emails, papers, bills, applications and lest we forget renewal of magazine subscriptions I have to get through so I can PAINT.(more on that shortly.)

My mind drifts to briefly listen to what I learned during my annual New Year Trip to the beach. I learned mostly that everything I wished to become last year came true. The power of positive thinking does wonders for the brain and it is why I have still not let myself miss a new year of quiet time to reflect with my dear mother ocean.

The second thought I have is the resounding wisdom from my beachside yoga instructor who I adamantly visit at least once while I'm in town at The Studio in Seaside- During her class she made the simplest statement, "Give yourself room to grow."

(photo above: New Year boat ride with dear friend and fellow artist, Candace Greer)

And finally, I reread my friend Wendy Rodrigue's blog about starting the new year and reflecting on the iconic artists we lost in 2011. Two of which, Cy Twombly & Helen Frankenthaler, have influenced my work profoundly. I wrote Wendy some thoughts about their passing- how I hope a piece of that spirit finds me and that the end of their era opens the doors to a new one. My exact quote is on her blog, I cannot recall it now. Plus, I'd rather you hear it from her side of the story because she is such a wonderful writer and can make every simple story sound dreamy. Musings of an Artists Wife

So back to this pile on my desk.
I have a massive envelope I have never opened due to the chaos that was the end of last year. I thought it was an old ARTforum magazine I found on ebay. I have a bad addiction to browsing this sort of thing online and placing orders I can't hardly recall. BUT this- this was something else. At some point in the last month of her life, I apparently ordered an old catalog from Helen Frankenthaler's 1986 show at the Andre Emmerich Gallery in New York and forgot that I had done so until a moment ago. While sipping my tea this first day in my studio, I open the catalog to the photo below and there she is- the always photogenic Frankenthaler looking up at me while having coffee in her own studio. I, of course, am one of those people who can see meaning in every little thing so interpret my story on your own comfort level- but I had to share because it reminded me to believe that every big and small moment can be a part of inspiration and magic that motivates you- as long as you're heart is open to seeing it.

I hope you allow yourself fields of room to grow and fulfill all of your dreams for this year. I guess you really never know who's watching over your shoulder.

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Wendy Wolfe Rodrigue said...

Happy New Year, Mallory. This was beautiful, just like you -- Wendy