Mallory Page "Contemplation"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I had another romantic day with my colors today. A thought that excites me is that when I'm working any moment could be another new breakthrough. As I let go of more work this week- (Thank You to all my WONDERFUL AMAZING CLIENTS). These pieces from my past beg me for a moment with them. As the memories of my paint consumed years distract me, I realize I don't really need to keep my old favorites anymore. I love that reminders of the old pieces pop up in new pieces. When you've painted hundreds of paintings- everything you've painted (and experienced) up to this one new blank canvas is a resevoir of inspiration that will always re-present itself to you. So in my heart, long after paintings have left the studio, I never feel like I ever lose a piece- I incorporate it differently into the next canvas. Know that your chosen collection, dear friend, will long inspire work far into the future and that is what makes every piece that leaves my studio special to me.
As I sit down with a new canvas today, I am reminded that no matter how wonderful the pieces I've made up to this moment are to me, the work of tomorrow will always be my all consuming obsession. Painters do this- we are always more interested with the new work. To me, nothing in life is more captivating than growth. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to continue to grow so much every year. For this, I am most thankful.

If you haven't checked out some of my old favorites on sale please visit COLLECTED on my website. Happy Holidays.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Studio, New Blog

I have been thinking long and hard about this first blog entry… in fact, maybe a little too hard, I told myself I would start a blog last year at this time. Time goes by, countless adventures take place and here I am stumbling over the first few words to even say. But, after all that happened in the very quick year of 2010, I am speechless. I have nothing but gratitude for being placed in this whirlwind, unpredictable, ever growing life of an emerging artist. My biggest inspiration has been the people that surround me. I have learned over lots of trial and error that a big part of your life is who you allow to influence you. When you open your mind to that kind of universal inspiration- expect surprises on a daily basis.
This blog is dedicated to art, all forms of design, some travel, some love, lots of passion and all the people who fall under any one of these categories. To truly embrace a career you cannot ever forget the reality of hard work, dedication and focus. (…I stress that). BUT, this blog, isn’t about the sweaty stuff, it’s about the extra sweet stuff. You know “light bulb moments”- they don’t come out of thin air. They come from seeing, feeling, doing and this blog is exactly what comes before those moments. Last year I began a great journey of seeing and experiencing, it challenged my life and changed the direction of my work. This year, I have decided it is finally time to share.
So we will start here. After roaming around like a gypsy for a few months, I’ve settled, here, in a pretty studio in New Orleans. I have never been more excited to begin a NEW YEAR in a new city. So lets start simple…
Hi, I’m Mallory. I paint. I live in Nola. I love the ocean, crayons, design mags, tea parties, oysters, white walls and shiny things. This is my blog. Sit, Stay, Play. It’ll be fun.